Design Thinking in Filmmaking

When it comes to Filmmaking, there are several merits to design thinking. One example is, the ability to prioritise what to film when you have limited light, weather window is hugely important. Being able to make your mind up for the benefit of the film will not only lower the potential of wasted time but also the time of the crew and cast. This becomes even more beneficial if you rented some equipment for a limited amount of time. Design thinking can also come in handy when it comes to making decision and being innovative. Thinking of unique ideas to film or photograph can come in handy to shed light on an underrepresented topic. The shortcomings can be that you can occasionally think of too many ideas and a simple task could be turned into a much bigger task because you are always thinking of different ideas and solutions. Personally, I much rather someone has too many ideas than none at all. Make the most of their design thinking!

When creating documentaries that is about a sensitive and or vulnerable topic, being empathetic is very important. Seeking to understand others and being non-judgemental is a merit in this context. It doesn’t mean to fully understand the person, but it does mean to be open minded and not judge the things they say or do, especially if your job is to document what’s happening.

Photos/graphics licensed from Adobe Stock