Skills I need to succeed in filmmaking

There are many skills I will need to succeed in my future career. As an aspiring documentary filmmaker, I am not shy of documenting sensitive and or vulnerable topics however, with this there is a level of compassion and open mindedness needed. To make sure I approach every film with the right mindset, a skill I will definitely need is the skill to properly research, gather as much information as possible and approach every film with some knowledge about the topic I’m documenting. Also, I need to make sure to research properly, by using different materials such as films, articles & books, there’s a lot of misinformation out there and to have the ability to cross reference and double check the information is an important skill. Having patience also helps when researching, some topics cannot be rushed.

Alongside documenting different subjects, having the skill to adapt to change is significant. There could be complications or change of minds when filming/interviewing some people. Being innovative in these situations is important. Creativity is a huge skill I need, having the ability to frame shots, think of unique ways to capture the topic is hugely important. Adding some creativity to films is key to capture the audience attention and turn a possibly dull topic into something worth watching.

Photos/Graphic licensed from Adobe stock.